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Whistling past the graveyard can get you killed....or something far worse!

Darcy liked this shortcut - Walking through the Graveyard made her feel like a bad ass and it really saved time.

She'd seen the gravedigger working here before but never this late.

He was digging just off the path on what looked to be a fresh grave. He had his back to her and had headphones on. She didn't want to surprise him so she thought it best to make some noise as she walked.

As she passed him her skin began to crawl.

Too late she realized this shortcut was a really bad idea...........!!!

Murder in the graveyard! - FrightTunes
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Spiders have evolved....

they work in packs and design complex web traps.....for humans! Their happless prey are briefly parralized, wound up and delivered to the vast spider den. Here they can only watch and wait as their numbers are mercilessly fought over and eaten piece by piece!

Arachnidia One - FrightTunes
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ChasmQuake 2 - FrightTunes
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Beware, rocks falling and dark things crawling in this cave of horrors!

The suspense is killing me, but I ain't dead yet!

SuspendsAct - FrightTunes
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Ghost Nanny

Monster PartyFrightTunes
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Here's a fun little Halloween tune with an anti-bulling message (think Disney/Hallmark TV):

This one is a 90's style addiction-angst industrial-alt-rock song with video!

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